My items are knit to order, which means once you buy, I begin knitting your items, in the order they are received to my shop. 

Hand knitting requires a lot of time investment, thus I am generally unable to accommodate every single person wanting to order in every shop opening. I do take enough pre-orders to fill a 6-8 week knitting schedule; Then I have to close to maintain my estimated shipping date. 

Within the description of each item
there will be an estimated shipping time for orders placed during my latest opening.
If you weren't able to order at that time;
I have a newsletter you can subscribe to: 

I will email you with a flyer that informs date + time of the upcoming shop openings. 

I really can't express the gratitude I have for you visiting my page, and waiting to order. 
I am beyond thankful for this shop, and my amazing clients. 

Please send me an email under the contact tab if you have any other questions.  ♥️Katrina 

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