My items are knit to order, which means once you buy, I begin knitting your items, in the order they are received to my shop. 

Hand knitting requires a lot of time investment, thus I am generally unable to accommodate every single person wanting to order in every shop opening.
Though, I do take enough pre-orders to fill a 6-8 week knitting schedule.

Once I am certain I have enough orders to keep me busy in that amount of time; I have to close to maintain my estimated shipping date. 

Within the description of each item, and my shipping & policies tab:
There will be an estimated ship time for items ordered during my last opening.
Following that date, I am able to open again with a new estimated ship date. 

I also have a newsletter  tab in this shop, which if you sign up, you will receive an email with a flyer that informs of the upcoming shop opening date and time. 

In the past, my shop stays open for approximately 1-2 hours before my schedule is full and the shop closes once more. 

Items will say "coming soon" after I close: to allow people to come to my store, see what items I have, and visit this page, as well as the shipping and newsletter pages.

If you follow me on:  www,instagram/joiedeknits 
I post photos of all my pre-orders as they leave my house and off to their homes. 

I really can't express the gratitude I have for you visiting my page, and waiting to order. 
I am beyond thankful for this shop, and my amazing clients. 

Please send me an email under the contact tab if you have any other questions.  ♥️Katrina 

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